Hydrology & Hydraulic Modelling

Hydrological and hydraulic models are essential for understanding flood and drought processes. With 30 years experience in developing and applying hydrological and 1D and 2D hydraulic  models, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to develop the right tools to address any problem.

Flood & Drainage Management

Extreme weather events coupled with limited drainage capacity can result in widespread flooding,  economic and personal losses.  We have experience in undertaking flood mitigation and master drainage plans aimed at developing sustainable solutions which reduce the impact of floods.

Water Resource Management

Equitable sharing of our limited water supplies forms the basis for water resource management. Our experts have delivered both basin and national scale integrated water resource management (IWRM) studies for use in planning and operations in Australia and Asia.

Disaster Risk Mitigation

As cities attract more people to densely populated coastal areas and floodplains, the communities exposed and vulnerable to disaster risk is increasing. We have widespread experience in carrying out risk assessments and developing viable mitigation options.

Climate Change Adaption

Climate change will affect the frequency and severity of both floods and droughts. We have experience in assessing climate change risks and developing appropriate adaption strategies to increase resilience to extreme events.

Decision Support Systems

Combining models and data in operational systems provides managers and stakeholders with advanced tools to better manage floods and droughts. Our specialists have over 25 years experience in developing and implementing real time decision support systems for flood and drought forecasting and management.


  • Technical consulting services
  • Proposal and Project management
  • Training and capacity building
  • Peer reviews
  • Business building